info & orders

If you want to order something, or receive a quote, please email
purchasing more than 50 euro, 3% discount
at 100 euro, 5% discount
at 250 euro, 7% discount
at 500 euro, 8.5% discount
at 750 euro, 10% discount
discount not applied on special offer, nett prices, and - aps items
warning: for subsequent purchases within a year
the amount is to be added in order to get bigger discount
cash-on-delivery (only for Italy and some country)
cost 1.8% with a minimum of 2.50 euro
PayPal cost 3.5% with a minimum of 1000 euro
bank transfer without costs
for Italy effectual cost with a maximum of 9.50 euro
For EU countries effectual cost with a maximum of 22.00 euro
For no-EU countries, please ask for a quote
All prices include Italian taxes (for EU only),
while for not-EU countries prices will be reduced of 18.03%
For any question, you can phone us on +39 0172 753020
We will try to understand if you speak English or French or a bit of Spanish...
All products of modern production have a two-years legal warranty
here info about CE security mark